Columbia Cascade Company Bicycle Management Products
   CycLoops & CycLocker bicycle parking solutions are offered in a wide variety of styles.


   Original CycLoops are the time-proven favorite of the design community. These looped bike racks are offered in almost any length or combination to accommodate any number of bicycles. Each is formed from a single 2-3/8” (60mm) diameter ASTM schedule 40 steel pipe. Standard mounting is by embedment. Pedestal (surface) mounting with matching base covers is optional. Choose from 10 standard color-coating hues or from a wide spectrum of nearly 200 special CASPAX-7™ designer colors. CASPAX-7 is an electrostatically applied colored polyester powder coating applied to a thickness of 6-8 mils (.15 - .2mm) and oven cured at 400° F (204° C) to chemically bond the finish to the metal substrate. A polished stainless steel version (schedule 40, type 304) is offered for elegant settings. A galvanized version is available for utilitarian applications.


   Artful & Letterform CycLoops bring art and whimsy to bicycle racks. Using identifying representations (shapes, letterforms and color) these imaginative bike racks provide function with artful style. Choose from standard configurations or, working with us, create a new, unique design. Material specifications are the same as Original CycLoops. Available in all coating colors or galvanized finish. Standard mounting is by embedment. Pedestal (surface) mounting with color-matched base covers is optional.  “It's Sidewalk Art!”


   The patented Curvy CycLoops can be configured in almost any shape to fit almost any jobsite architecture or layout — circle, oval, arc, angle, square, polygon or serpentine. Any number of bikes can be accommodated. Material specifications are the same as Original CycLoops. U.S. Patent: Des. 372,889.


   Super CycLoops bike racks employ hefty 4-1/2” (115mm) diameter ASTM schedule 40 steel pipe with integral smaller steel dividers permanently welded in place. Two lengths are offered to accommodate eight (2175-8) or ten (2175-10) bicycles, each with embedment or pedestal (surface) mount option. Matching base covers are supplied with pedestal models only. Polyester color powder coating, polished stainless steel or galvanized finished are available


   Bollard CycLoops are domed 4-1/2” (115mm) diameter ASTM schedule 40 steel posts that are 3' (915mm) tall. Integral steel loop(s) are at bike height. Select from one, two or three loop models. Polyester color powder coating, polished stainless steel or galvanizing are finish options. Mounting is pedestal (surface) mount with matching base cover or embedment. A removable version is offered for special applications.


   The Wall CycLoops is a single loop (one bike) 1-5/16” (33mm) diameter ASTM schedule 40 curved steel pipe permanently welded to a 16” (405mm) long mounting plate. Polyester color powder coating, polished stainless steel or a galvanized finish are offered. Wall CycLoops are attached to existing walls or building facades, singularly or in rows.


Our Metal Powder Coating Process

   After careful mechanical and chemical cleaning and following the application of corrosion-inhibiting iron phosphate, all fabricated steel, aluminum and cast iron components used in producing TimberForm Site Complements are powder-coated with CASPAX-7. This lead-free polyester powder is electrostatically applied and chemically bonded to the metal substrate in precision ovens at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The tough, 6-8 mil thick coating offers lasting performance far superior to familiar liquid finishes. The difference is particularly apparent when installed products are exposed to outdoor environments or public usage.

   CASPAX-7 powder-coated metal components are much more resistant to the effects of abrasion, impact, temperature extremes, natural corrosives and UV degradation than any other colored finish available for site complements. Over 200 powder-coating color options appear following each product under “View”.


Quotations and Prices
   Contact our headquarters for delivered prices on any product. Model number, quantity and shipping destination, including postal code, will be required for an accurate quotation.


Made in the U.S.A.
   Although Columbia Cascade site furnishings are distributed worldwide, all products are fabricated and finished in the
Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.


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